Photography Los Angeles

With the exotic locales, panoramic views, and urban culture, photographers are definitely spoiled for choice, when it comes to photo shoot locations in Los Angeles. This write-up enlists a few places that are perfect for this purpose.

Photo shoots are organized for varied purposes, ranging from urban landscape photography, fashion photography that showcases clothing, accessories, etc., to advertising numerous commercial products. Today, technology has advanced to such an extent that aviation, marine, and aerial photography can be carried out with much expertise and precision. The exotic locales and urban environment of Los Angeles make it a perfect place for photo opportunities. A number of photographers are on a constant lookout to schedule a photo shoot in LA. This place never disappoints professional as well as amateur photographers, who are looking for exquisite locations. Needless to say, LA is undoubtedly a unique place for varied forms of photography.

Famous Photo Shoot Locations in LA

This classic venue is located in Chinatown. It’s a popular location for filming. A number of feature films and sitcoms have been shot here. It is renowned for its remarkable history and monuments. The town has been divided into two parts: the Old Chinatown and the New Chinatown. Some parts of the movies such as ‘Chinatown’, starring Jack Nicholson, and ‘Rush Hour’, starring Jackie Chan were shot here. Popular sitcoms like Baywatch and Hunter were also shot here.

Olvera Street
Olvera Street is a part of El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument. It’s the oldest part of Downtown in Los Angeles. This street has an environment that appears historical and colonized, and is perfect for photography. It’s also known as the replica of a romantic vision of Mexico. Photographers are mainly attracted to the historical elements of Mexico found in this Street.

Barnsdall Art Park
Barnsdall Art Park attracts photographers due to its diverse culture. The Barnsdall Gallery Theater produces cultural events (music, drama, films, theater, photography, etc.) such as ‘Music Summer Camps’ and ‘Independent Shakespeare Company’ or ‘ISC’. It is located at 4800 Hollywood Boulevard, atop Olive Hill in Hollywood in the Barnsdall Art Park complex. The community also promotes photography sessions in this location.

Facing the beautiful beaches, the city of Malibu also attracts many photographers. One can take superb shots at the Zuma beach, Dan Blocker beach, Topanga state beach, Malibu lagoon state beach, and Point Dume state beach. The natural beauty of Santa Monica mountains, Catalina Island, and Topanga Canyon is enchanting. These sites are the main attraction for photography.