Mexican Art and Craft Ideas for Children

Introducing children to the Mexican craft activities early, is a perfect way to acquaint them with the culture. These activities are rich in the culture of Mexico. They are traditional, and have been in use for long. Here are a few examples of this art form.

Fiesta Flags

Fiesta flags are used on many occasions for decoration in Mexico. The occasion may be a birthday or a wedding. Here is how to make fiesta flags to decorate your school or home.

Things Required
Tissue papers of multiple colors
String or yarn
Take the tissue paper, and cut it into 12 x 12 inch squares.
Fold each squared tissue paper in half (twice), so that you are again left with a smaller square.
Make or cut small designs along the folds.
Cut a piece of string of yarn (it should be quite long).
Unfold the tissue paper, and line them along the string.
Tape the top of each flag, hang it, and enjoy.

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papel picado flags
Papel Picado Flags

Clay Pottery

One of the oldest traditions in Mexico, pottery, is still practiced in most parts of the country. Here’s the procedure of pottery that can be easily followed at home.

Things Required
4 cups salt
Approximately 1¾ cups water
Paints and brush
Optional food coloring
Mix flour and salt.
While mixing, keep adding a little amount of water.
If you wish, add food coloring.
Morph clay into the shape of a ball, and thrust down for the bottom of the pot. Sculpt sides by pushing the clay up, making the clay thinner.
Make a flat circle with the clay. Make long coils of clay, and curl them up on top of one another, around the edge of the flat circle piece.
At 200ºF, bake pinch pot for about 10 to 15 minutes, and coil pot for 20 minutes.
Let them cool, and paint after cooling.
If any clay is left over, freeze it in a plastic wrap.

One of the most popular art activity of Mexico is pinata, a paper container, hung from a tree branch, that is used to store candy or toys to celebrate birthdays. Children are blindfolded and given a stick to try to break it open, and amass the treasure inside!

Things Required
Tin can
Tissue paper
Things required for decoration such as glitter, sequins, paint, etc.
Inflate the balloon, and tape it to the tin can, to keep it upright.
Make strips of approximately 1 x 4 inches by cutting newspapers.
Form a paste by mixing flour and water.
Stick the newspaper strips, covering the balloon in several layers.
Let the paper mache dry, separate the balloon from the tin can, and turn over to coat rest of the balloon.
Let it dry completely.
Decorate and paint using anything you like, anyway you want.
Cut a small flap on the side, fill in the toys and candies.
Tape it shut.
Make two small holes, and string it. The Mexican Pinata is ready.
The above mentioned Mexican art and craft activities are the ones that children enjoy the most, especially the pinata. You can easily make them at home instead of buying from the market.