Butterfly Wall Decoration for a Vibrant Room

Nature and garden themes have always been one of the most popular choices for home décor. Whether it is flowers, birds, mountains, grass or birds and bees, make them a part of your interiors, and see how they transform the atmosphere in your house. Speaking of nature themes, these days, wall art décors, which have butterflies on them, have become increasingly popular. Butterflies, with their numerous colors and patterns, add an unmatchable appeal and a splash of color to the home interiors. Whether it is the living room, bedroom or your kid’s room, butterfly wall décor can enliven any space in your house.

Creative Ways to Use Butterfly Wall Decoration

For a Kid’s Room…
If you are planning to have butterfly wall décor for your kid’s room, a good idea is to go in for butterfly wall decals. Wall decals are very easy to use as all you need to do is to peel and then paste them on the wall. There are a number of innovative ways for making butterfly wall decoration for your kid’s room. For instance, you can paste a big butterfly wall decal, which almost covers one whole wall of your kid’s room. On this wall decal, you can paste colorful photographs of your family. On one of the butterfly wings, you can leave room for your kid’s “artwork” and change it every week. If you want to keep things simple, write your kid’s name on top of the butterfly wall decal and some cute quotes concerning childhood or “growing up” beneath it. Or alternately, you can create a “garden scene”, where you have various wall decals, such as a sun, a river, a small house, flowers, etc., and in the midst of these, a bunch of colorful butterflies!

For a Living Room…
It is said that a person’s house reflects the kind of tastes and personality he has. So, if you are a nature-lover and you want to present this facet of yourself through your home interiors, butterfly wall art décor is perfect for you. These days, butterfly wall art made from metal is highly in vogue. You simply have to hang it on the wall, just like any other wall art. Or alternately, if you are someone who wants to add a bit of drama to your living room, go in for metallic butterfly wall art that can be hung from the ceiling. If you search carefully, you will find that there are numerous designs in metallic butterfly wall art décor. Choose the one which matches the décor of your living room.