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Scottish Tattoo Designs

Scots chose the hard way out as they suffered massively and struggled hard for victory over the continuous infliction, banishment and killing. Undoubtedly, the Scottish men have a reputation of being brave warriors, loyal lovers and true gentlemen. Ever since ancient times, the people of Scotland have always had a keen interest in body art and body painting. Scottish people felt proud of having tattoos on their body and the Scottish tattoos are symbols of their rich historic culture.
The Picts
You might have heard of the Scottish heroes – The Picts. These warriors had their bodies painted from head to toe. This was the time when body art and tattooing was gradually gaining a foothhold in Scottish culture, and today Scottish people have come up with their own unique Scottish tattoo designs.

Scottish Tattoo Designs and What They Mean
The cross used in the flag of Scotland is the oldest known cross in the world. No wonder this cross is one of the most prominently made Scottish tattoo design. Other vernacular Scottish tattoo designs include the Scottish highlanders, the saltire and the Scottish family tattoos that feature the place in Scotland where a person hails from. Clan tattoos are also one of the most popular tattoo designs.
The Scottish Highlanders Tattoo
Scottish highlanders were the warriors of Scotland who lived in Scottish Highlands. Getting a tattoo or a picture of a Scottish highlander is one of the most authentic Scottish tattoo design idea.

The Scottish Saltire Tattoo
Saltire Tattoo
Scottish Saltire is the cross that Scots use in their national flag. It is also known as Saint Andrew’s Cross and it is white in color with a blue background. Legend had it that Saint Andrew was crucified on an X-shaped cross at Patras. He was a Christian apostle and a patron saint of Scotland. This is why the Scots have the Saltire cross in their national flag. Getting a tattoo of the Saltire, represents the nationality and sheer patriotism of the people.
Scottish Clan Tattoos or Scottish Family Name Tattoos
family tattoos
Scottish clan tattoos represent the Scottish family you belong to. In the foregone days of struggle against the Romans and the Englishmen, the Scots used to get the name of a specific clan tattooed, so that their name and family details can be identified.

Clans are Scottish units consisting of many families having a common ancestor in the Scottish highlands. Before going to war, a Scottish warrior would wear a badge of his clan with a feeling of pride. Clan tattoos consist of plaid designs that indicate a particular glen of Scotland. Getting a Scottish clan tattoo represents your connection with the deep roots of Scotland.

How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake

Snowflakes are delicate and beautiful, nature’s way of illustrating its work. Many families, during winters, decorate their homes and offices with hanging paper snowflakes, and welcome the coming season. Perhaps you love to decorate your home with six points snowflakes that resemble just like the real ones.

Hanging snowflake decorations are a great way to enhance the entire decor. You can choose colorful papers instead of just plain white ones and drizzle glitter on top, and liven up a dull corner of any room.
Making the Snowflake
The instructions mentioned below will help you create a snowflake which has 6 points, and will look like a real snowflake. You can also ask your kids to join you into helping and learning this new art.

Materials Needed
3D Snowflake Step 1

3D Snowflake Step 2
3D Snowflake Step 3

3D Snowflake Step 4
3D Snowflake Step 5

3D Snowflake Step 6
3D Snowflake Step 7
3D Snowflake Step 8

3D Snowflake Step 9
3D Snowflake Final Step
Step #1
First of all, clear a workstation and place all the materials in front of you. To make the pattern, you can either tape and staple all the parts together. However, you can also use glue to stick them with each other. It may take longer for the glue to dry and hold itself, but the snowflake won’t fall apart easily.

Step #2
First thing we do is measure the paper as it will help give you 6 equal squares. So for the measurements, you can use 5 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches. For the purpose of this article, let’s stick to just one measurement and choose 6 inches for all the 6 squares. Now fold all 6 pieces of paper diagonally in half. Don’t match up these squares, just trim any of the excess sides.

Step #3
Take the scissors and cut the 3 lines on each side of all the triangles starting from the folded edges. Make sure that you don’t cut through the other paper edges, the unfolded ones; otherwise it will only mess up the entire 3D illusion. If any of the unfolded edge does get cut, don’t glue or tape it back together. Start over and be careful this time. And as you cut the folded edges, make sure that the lines are parallel to one another with the space between them as well.

Step #4
Now unfold the paper and turn it around so that the diamond-shaped side is facing you while you’re working with it. First roll the first 2 paper lines which are inside. Roll them together and form a small tube. Apply little bit of glue here and hold the tube properly so that it sets. Move your fingers only after the tube is set.

Step #5
Now turn the diamond around again to face the other side. Again take 2 more paper lines and roll them on the opposite side of the tube. Apply glue on the new tube again and hold it till it sets properly. Follow the instructions of turning the paper and gluing the paper lines together. All the sides should be glued together.

Step #6
Once the inner paper lines are done, repeat with the same steps 4 and 5 with the outer paper lines as well. Bring the 3 completely rolled pieces together from one end (use one hand’s fingertips to do this) and glue it properly with your other hand. Similarly, bring the 3 other pieces to glue them as well. Now you have the two halves of your snowflake’s arms.

Step #7
You again need to apply glue to the two new pieces we just got by gluing the first 3 and the second 3 pieces together. Bring the pieces together and glue in the middle. As you can see, you will have an almost shape of your 3D snowflake right about now. Apply glue where all the 6 arms meet together.

Make Your Own Amazing Graffiti Letters

While we support the artform known as graffiti, we do not condone any act or form of vandalism or any illegal activity relating to such whether it be to private, commercial, or public property.

The alphabets typically overlap one another to make the illusion.
The fonts are basically drawn in a 3D fashion.
The entire picture is one big drawing which attracts attention.
How to Get Started
To improve and keep excelling in creating innovative designs and/or writings, all you have to do is keep your mind open for anything. This art finds inspiration from basically anything around us and you can incorporate that into your art.
Black Graffiti Letters

Blue Gold Graffiti Letters
White Graffiti Letters

Colorful Graffiti Letters
White Black Graffiti Letters

Golden Graffiti Letters
Step 1: Understand the different types of letters and styles. If you live in an area where graffiti is not very common, then visit a city or downtown for inspiration. The more styles you come across, the more you can visualize the entire picture and characteristics.

Step 2: Get a piece of paper and write down some name, place, or any word for that matter. You can also start with your own name (it works best with beginners). By learning to write your own name can provide you with a unique signature for yourself. Take a pencil and print each letters in capital. Don’t press down too hard as you might have to erase a couple of times before perfecting it. Keep some space between each letters as the space will be utilized once you start filling them.

Step 3: You can choose any style of writing as you want. It can be bubble letters, sharp edged letters, rounded edges, equal sized letters, or mismatched letters. Start with one style, perfect it and then you can learn various shapes and sizes. As there are no rules, the possibilities are endless. Who knows, you might just create a unique style in the process.

Step 4: Once you’re done writing, you will make outline on each of the letters. This outline will depend on the type of style (bubble, sharp, round) you want to obtain. Mark the outline with the pencil and don’t press down too hard. Gently make almost visible lines. You might make some errors here, but that’s alright. It will definitely take some time and practice to get it right. As you’re drawing and outlining, there can be changes made in the middle as well (remember, no rules).

Step 5: The secret that enhances any writing are the lines and its proportions. Depending on how thick or thin they might be, you can create the illusion of a 3D art. Fill in the shades between each letters with the pencil just as you would in normal sketching. Then with a marker, you can darken the empty spaces which will look like shadows of each letter on the page.

Step 6: As each letters form their own designs with the pencil, you can start adding the details as you like. Take a light pencil and make the illusion part of your art. What I mean is, let’s say you have an “i” in the name you chose. You can draw a star, lightning bolt, or something else instead of the regular dot on the letter. Same goes for other letters as well. You can draw a bubble around the entire drawing or imitate the drawings from the comic books.

Step 7: After you finish the detailing on your drawing, make another copy. If, at any given point, you make a mistake that can’t be rectified, the backup drawing can save all your work. Make a couple of copies so you can fill them in with different colors. Take the original drawing now and darken the lines with the pencil or a marker. These lines will be permanent, but don’t let that discourage you. It’s perfectly fine to make mistakes. You can start over again with the copies. If the lines are too thick or too thin, you can just make the entire drawing in that way to look even.

Step 8: Now it’s time to add some vibrant colors to your drawing. You can use color pencils or markers to fill in the colors. However, before you begin, take a look at some color combination and ideas. Comic books can be of great help or you can click pictures of some graffiti that you find in the city. Mix and match colors on the letters or keep the entire word in one color, the possibilities are endless. Follow your imagination and you can create a unique drawing on your own.

How to Make a Paper Hat

Hats have been a part of European fashion and culture since before the 16th century, they have since become a fashionable accessory that fades in and out of style with the changing fashion trends. There are way cooler ways to make and wear hats that you can create at home or seek the help of your parents. To make paper hats out of scrap cardboard boxes and newspaper has its own charm and thrill. It could help keep your kid from getting bored and who knows he might actually enjoy making them. They are great for arts and craft projects, as the children do not find the task too difficult and they have an amazing time, decorating their hats with ribbons and coloring their paper hats and boats with paints and glitter. Here are some simple instructions on making a paper hat and how to fold a paper hat.

Step by Step Instructions for Making a Paper Hat

Newspaper hats are easy and quick to make. Let us learn to make paper hats out of newspaper.

Method 1
In this method, you will firstly need to take a normal household newspaper with two sheets attached, for example the center or middle sheet. This is done to have two layers.
Fold it into an exact half so that the top margin of the newspaper is touching the bottom margin.
Now begin to fold the two layered sheets from the folded top margin.
Now fold each corner of the top of the folded newspaper, while keeping some of the bottom newspaper unfolded, the bottom margin should look like a long rectangle or the shape of a scale. The two folded corners or the two triangles should meet at the center of the newspaper. This will create the pointed apex or pointed tip of the hat.
Now take the lower band with the layers of newspaper still visible and divide them into equal number of paper sheets, so that you can put your heat between them when you wear the hat.
Then fold one batch of sheets upwards on side so that it covers the lower bottom margin of the newly made triangular fold.
Repeat this with the other side of the sheet and your newspaper hat begins to take shape.
Now stick the left and right edges of the newly folded lower margin and your hat is ready OR fold the right and the left edges of the paper again on the backside of the hat and stick it, thought his methods will make the hat smaller in shape.
Now you can wear your newspaper hat!
Method 2
This method is also simple, what you need to do is to take two sheets of newspaper with two sheets each therefore you’ll need to use 4 sheets in total.
Fold and stick the two newspapers to make them look like a pipe that fits your head.
Now once it fits, stick the newspaper to maintain the circumference of your head.
Cut a circle which is a bit bigger than the circle or hole on the top of the hat, and stick the circle on top of the hat to cover the hole.
You got yourself a long rectangular hat, just like the ‘Hatter’ from Alice in Wonderland.
Method 3
The third method is to firstly use a printed sheet of paper
Now cut it into a big square, so that it should fit your head.
Now make a cone out of it
Stick the corner of the sheets from both outside and inside the hat.
Your birthday hat is ready and now you can decorate it any way you like.
The use of paper crafts has unlimited possibilities and is an extremely interesting activity. The above three methods can be used to make colorful paper hat patterns, that you can wear and look attractive in.